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Welcome to Monterey Yoga!

Yoga is for everyone and the benefits of the “yoga lifestyle” can quickly be realized. Whether you are seeking greater levels of fitness, learning to calm the mind or simply seeking a community of like minded practitioners, our studio has all of that and more. Our traditional yoga programs are progressive and adaptable to all levels.

Our instructors are knowledgeable, experienced, and kind. The shala fosters a supportive environment for the practice of yoga and personal growth.



  • It's not easy to find a traditional Ashtanga program and this studio is legit. My practice takes a leap forward and I feel welcome every time I visit this warm studio. Adarsh has helped me to personalize my practice and adapt to my limitations and has given me tons of practical tips to implement in my home practice. So happy I found the Monterey Yoga Shala!

    Ralph Turner


  • If you're looking for the real deal in yoga then Monterey Yoga is the place. Heleen and Adarsh help all levels whether you've dropped in for the first time or are a dedicated Ashtanga yogini. Great studio space in Monterery. Been doing yoga steadily for 17 years and I feel I'm finally learning to do it right. I highly recommend Monterey Yoga.

    Vivienne Riggio


  • My favorite yoga studio! This style of yoga is really awesome! Challenging and rewarding!!! Highly recommended!

    Slobodan Djukic


  • The Monterey Yoga Shala is a wonderful yoga studio! It's owners, Adarsh and Heleen, are outstanding yoga teachers who provide precise alignment cues that are modified for all levels! Their knowledge of anatomy, history, and philosophy is vast. You will learn something new in every class!

    Jodi Amaditz


  • "Adarsh has so much passion and experience to share. He is humble and real and makes you feel positive about your journey".

    Deb Sandweiss

    Physical Educator

  • "I continually look forward to my yoga practice time in this quiet and focused space. The teachers are authentic, highly knowledgeable and caring. What a nurturing way to build a stronger and more flexible body, step by step. Thank you Adarsh and Heleen for what you have created!”

    Marilet Pretorius

    artist + designer

  • What I always take with me from Adarsh's class is the feeling of 'Yes I can do this'. The feeling I carry on knowing that every hardship can be tackled one yoga pose at the time. That is why I always come back to renew and re-energize myself.

    Angelynn Dang


  • The Monterey Yoga Shala was one of my greatest discoveries after moving to Monterey! The instructors are welcoming, inclusive, and very dedicated to helping yogis get the most out of their practice!

    Marc Elliott


  • My experience at the Monterey Yoga Shala was wonderful, eventful, and a memorable one. I've been practicing yoga for three years and taken several teacher training programs as well as workshops and conferences. The Ashtanga yoga teacher training program at the Shala is exceptional. The knowledge shared with the students was extensive. One of the best parts of the training is the facility. If you love yoga and find yourself on the Monterey Peninsula, stop by the Shala for a class. The kindness of Adarsh, Heleen, the instructors as well as the clientele are unparalleled.

    Kathryn Henderson


  • Thank you for the excellent experience you've given Mina. She has truly benefitted from yoga, she is a more happy and peaceful girl after class. Thank you!

    Nicole Jyh


  • It's nice to be confident that my teacher (Adarsh) knows what he's talking about. I learned so many useful tools and especially like his mobility stuff.

    Elizabeth Mathisen


  • The Monterey Yoga Shala is amazing! A very talented staff and great community of yogis.

    Leslie Wukstich


  • Ralph Turner
  • Vivienne Riggio
  • Slobodan Djukic
  • Jodi Amaditz
  • Deb Sandweiss
  • Marilet Pretorius
  • Angelynn Dang
  • Marc Elliott
  • Kathryn Henderson
  • Nicole Jyh
  • Elizabeth Mathisen
  • Leslie Wukstich


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