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Ashtanga Yoga

YOGA YARD is a Yoga studio in Beijing China, founded on a love for yoga and the joy the practice can bring. High-quality teaching, an emphasis on safety, and a deep respect for the practice underlie our school’s philosophy. We are committed to supporting students as they explore and grow their yoga practice, and welcome everyone regardless of age, gender, experience, level and physical condition.

With a staff of 16 bilingual teachers (English and Chinese) and an expanding community of international teachers who visit Beijing to share their knowledge of Yoga, our school will continue to explore the joys that this sacred practice can bring with the greater Beijing community.

Adarsh will be offering the following workshops at YOGA YARD:
August 16 – Yoga Chikitsa – Yoga as wellness (2 hours Movement based workshop, 1 hour Fascia rolling & discussion)
August 17 – NadiShodhana – Yoga as meditation (2 hours Movement based workshop, 1 hour Fascia rolling, breath work, meditation)