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Mindfulness – Discover Your Truth

With | Heleen |

How can we be more mindful and what is our truth? How can mindfulness give us answers to our questions?

Mindfulness can decrease our stress levels about questions we have and decisions we have to make. Its a practice of being aware of what's happening or what you're experiencing in the present moment without judgement.
In this workshop you will learn techniques to be in the present moment without reacting, to be in the body and find answers you've been longing to find. 
You will be introduced to:
– mindful yoga
– meditation and visualisation
– getting into the body and out of the mind
– connect your mind, heart and gut, to be in the knowing
Mindfulness has been proven to reduce stress, pain, anxiety, depression and more. This workshop aims to help you learn basic techniques you can use in your yoga and your every day life.
For all levels (beginners welcome)
Early Bird $55 (Before Aug 15)
Regular $65 (Aug 15 and thereafter)

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 724 Abrego St f, Monterey, CA 93940, USA
 Heleen Zondag-Williams
 831 264 3699