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Andrea Lamb

Ashtanga Yoga is a discipline of breath and movement that creates mindfulness and clarity. Its combination of physical rigor and spirituality can free your thoughts from the clutter of day-to-day life so you can achieve joy and tranquility. These are not platitudes for me; I learned their truth firsthand after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Physical activity and athletics have always been an important part of my life, especially during my years of practicing and teaching law. The course of treatment for my cancer—surgery, chemotherapy and radiation—jeopardized that outlet for stress and anxiety as well as filling my mind with constant worry and uncertainty. I turned to yoga to center myself and find strength. To my surprise, it not only helped me to combat the mental and physical effects of my treatment, but it gave me a new self awareness that enabled me to put my experience with cancer in perspective. Then I discovered Ashtanga, which satisfied my need for physical discipline and rigor and also helped me to rediscover the feeling of well-being and contentedness that cancer had taken away.