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SEPTEMBER 29, 2017 – JANUARY 21, 2018

S02-YA-SCHOOL-RYS-200Our 200+ hr Yoga Teacher Intensive is led by E-RYT 500 Adarsh Williams and the Monterey Yoga Shala faculty. We aim to equip students with a clear knowledge and experience base, from which they practice, teach and live their Yoga.

At the end of the course, all participants who have attended the specified number of classes will receive a Certificate of Completion. This course is registered with the Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level, so that graduates can become registered Yoga Teachers.

Although our approach has its roots in traditional Ashtanga Yoga, we present the “way of Yoga” rather than a particular Yoga “style.” We will explore the philosophy and methods of classical Ashtanga Yoga as well as contemporary modalities of Yoga, science and wellness.


  • Learn to teach unique yoga sequences including Traditional Ashtanga, Contemporary Vinyasa and Yoga Wellness
  • Integrate comprehensive study of yoga technique, theory and philosophy
  • Gain intensive practice experience
  • Experience professional and personal growth
  • Hold a certification that meets and exceeds requirements to register with Yoga Alliance as RYT – 200


In addition to the Online Registration, we require that all the training aspirants fill out the Application Form completely. Registration is now open for our next Training starting on September 29, 2017.

  • Follow your passion for Yoga
  • Dive deeper into Yoga philosophy, history and the Yoga lifestyle
  • Learn all about asanas, the anatomy of a posture, alignment, modifications, risks and benefits
  • Learn Yoga from the traditional perspective, from which you will then understand the contemporary forms of Yoga
  • In depth anatomy knowledge of the body in Yoga
  • Learn all about different levels of students and how to approach them
  • Learn hands on and verbal adjustments
  • Study, refine and deepen your own Yoga practice together with like minded people
  • Learn how to share your passion with others
  • Practice teaching and ongoing mentorship

A Yoga Teacher Intensive is mostly for your own growth. Yoga can be a tool for self discovery/development and helps to expand your view of the world. It can transform your life into a happier, healthier and more whole one.

The best Yoga teachers are students first. Gaining more knowledge of Yoga through our Yoga Teacher Intensive will ground you in your own practice and your understanding of it. It will bring confidence in sharing it with others.

Besides all the reasons mentioned before, we guarantee SMALL GROUP instruction with caring, personal support for your growth and learning process. Most Teacher Intensives are held in very large groups, ours does not exceed 18 students. In our experience it creates a deeper way of learning and gaining knowledge that sticks.

“At the end of an immersion students usually want to leave at the end of the day and go home to rest, play etc. At this training every student just wanted to stay and absorb more of the knowledge and continue to experience the special feeling of the shared Yoga. It was extraordinary!”
Kathy Henderson, 2oohr RYT


September 29, 30, Oct 1
October 20, 21, 22
November 3, 4, 5
November 17, 18, 19
December 1, 2, 3
December 15, 16, 17


January 5, 6, 7
January 19, 20, 21


Friday / 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Saturday / 7:30am – 5:00 pm
Sunday / 7:30 am – 5:00 pm


Early bird $2,249 (before July 1, 2017)*
Semi early bird $2,449 (after July 1 and before Aug 3, 2017)*
Regular $2,699 (after Aug 4, 2017)*

*Manual included in prices. Recommended reading list to be purchased separate.
Refund policy: $250 non refundable deposit is needed to hold your spot.
 No refunds after start date of the program.


The asana study program includes postures of the Primary and Intermediate series of Ashtanga Yoga. There is an overview of forward + backward bending, twists + side bends and inversions, including arm balances. In addition, healthy adaptations and modifications, including wellness sequencing based on current physical therapy protocols are covered.

Students learn alignment in postures based on applied anatomy practices including self adjustment and learning to “see” students’ bodies. The language of modern yoga alignment including loops, rotations, pose and counter pose are taught and with this knowledge, the student knows how to prevent their students from asana vulnerabilities and keep them practice yoga safely.


• Primary & Intermediate level asana & traditional Vinyasa Krama
• Yoga anatomy & alignment – in depth study of the crucial body functions in yoga
• Yoga wellness, adaptive yoga, prop work & restoratives
• Contemporary Vinyasa sequencing & research poses

• Yoga cleansing techniques (Kriya)
• Yoga breath (Pranayama)
• Bandhas

• Sitting & walking technique
• Comparative thinking on meditation

• Origins, history of yoga
• Comparative schools of yoga
• Yoga as a lifestyle & Ethics of yoga
• Study of the yoga sutras
• Sanskrit chanting
• Forming a personal philosophy

• Yoga traditions
• Sequencing
• Physical and verbal adjustments
• Counting vinyasa in sanskrit
• Asana pronunciation
• The seat of the teacher

• Teacher self care
• Diet
• Sustaining your practice
• Yoga off the mat
• Finding inspiration


  • It's not easy to find a traditional Ashtanga program and this studio is legit. My practice takes a leap forward and I feel welcome every time I visit this warm studio. Adarsh has helped me to personalize my practice and adapt to my limitations and has given me tons of practical tips to implement in my home practice. So happy I found the Monterey Yoga Shala!

    Ralph Turner

  • If you're looking for the real deal in yoga then Monterey Yoga is the place. Heleen and Adarsh help all levels whether you've dropped in for the first time or are a dedicated Ashtanga yogini. Great studio space in Monterery. Been doing yoga steadily for 17 years and I feel I'm finally learning to do it right. I highly recommend Monterey Yoga.

    Vivienne Riggio

  • My favorite yoga studio! This style of yoga is really awesome! Challenging and rewarding!!! Highly recommended!

    Slobodan Djukic

  • The Monterey Yoga Shala is a wonderful yoga studio! It's owners, Adarsh and Heleen, are outstanding yoga teachers who provide precise alignment cues that are modified for all levels! Their knowledge of anatomy, history, and philosophy is vast. You will learn something new in every class!

    Jodi Amaditz

  • "Adarsh has so much passion and experience to share. He is humble and real and makes you feel positive about your journey".

    Deb Sandweiss

  • "I continually look forward to my yoga practice time in this quiet and focused space. The teachers are authentic, highly knowledgeable and caring. What a nurturing way to build a stronger and more flexible body, step by step. Thank you Adarsh and Heleen for what you have created!”

    Marilet Pretorius

  • What I always take with me from Adarsh's class is the feeling of 'Yes I can do this'. The feeling I carry on knowing that every hardship can be tackled one yoga pose at the time. That is why I always come back to renew and re-energize myself.

    Angelynn Dang

  • The Monterey Yoga Shala was one of my greatest discoveries after moving to Monterey! The instructors are welcoming, inclusive, and very dedicated to helping yogis get the most out of their practice!

    Marc Elliott

  • My experience at the Monterey Yoga Shala was wonderful, eventful, and a memorable one. I've been practicing yoga for three years and taken several teacher training programs as well as workshops and conferences. The Ashtanga yoga teacher training program at the Shala is exceptional. The knowledge shared with the students was extensive. One of the best parts of the training is the facility. If you love yoga and find yourself on the Monterey Peninsula, stop by the Shala for a class. The kindness of Adarsh, Heleen, the instructors as well as the clientele are unparalleled.

    Kathryn Henderson

  • Thank you for the excellent experience you've given Mina. She has truly benefitted from yoga, she is a more happy and peaceful girl after class. Thank you!

    Nicole Jyh

  • It's nice to be confident that my teacher (Adarsh) knows what he's talking about. I learned so many useful tools and especially like his mobility stuff.

    Elizabeth Mathisen

  • The Monterey Yoga Shala is amazing! A very talented staff and great community of yogis.

    Leslie Wukstich

  • Ralph Turner
  • Vivienne Riggio
  • Slobodan Djukic
  • Jodi Amaditz
  • Deb Sandweiss
  • Marilet Pretorius
  • Angelynn Dang
  • Marc Elliott
  • Kathryn Henderson
  • Nicole Jyh
  • Elizabeth Mathisen
  • Leslie Wukstich



A clear base from which to practice, teach & live your yoga.