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Offerings and Pricing | Monterey Yoga




We are now located within the Fitness Center of the Portola Hotel and Spa

2 Portola Plaza in Downtown Monterey

Monterey Yoga offers traditional and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in the heart of Downtown Monterey. Tucked away in the Portola Plaza across from the Hotel and Spa, we offer daily classes including traditional Mysore, Led Group Classes, Workshops, Privates and Yoga for Kids. We are a small community of yogis who share the love of the practice, and who love to share the practice with everyone! We look forward to seeing you on the mat!


Class Fees:

Drop-In Class: $20

Drop-in Self Practice and Community Yoga: $10

New student Special: $30 for 3 classes (Locals Only)

Class Passes:

10 class pass: $135

5 class pass: $75

*Monthly Memberships:

Unlimited: $135

12 classes: $99

4 classes: $49

Unlimited Self-Practice and Community Yoga: $75

*(3-month minimum commitment, autopay only)







“Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a precise series of traditional postures linking breath with movement to create a moving meditation. By conditioning the body and breath, the mind begins to settle into a state of equanimity. This is the process of yoga”~ chitta vritti nirodha.

All of our classes, workshops, and trainings serve to empower you to delve deeper into the 3rdlimb of yoga, the asana practice. Students will begin to learn the Primary Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa (Yoga Chikkitsa or Yoga Therapy) and develop a self-practice through our Mysore program. This is not a workout, is it an education and is “99% Practice, 1% Theory”.

We teach the 1%, the rest is up to you!

Ashtanga is comprised of 3 simple and highly effective techniques called “Tristhana” meaning three places of attention.

  1. Asana (postures) and Bandhas (energy centers): Purify, strengthen and bring stability and flexibility to the body.
  1. Ujjayi Breath: Builds internal heat, gives control over the nervous system, teaches one how to harness, and efficiently utilize energy throughout the body.
  2. Drishti: Eye gaze focuses the mind into a moving, breathing meditation and directs the direction and intention of the body in the asanas.



Class Offerings and Descriptions:

Mysore: Mysore is the traditional and recommended method of learning the Ashtanga method. You will work closely with the teacher to make the practice uniquely your own, as you gradually memorize the sequence and make your way through the Primary Series over time. Mysore is especially beneficial for those looking to move deeper into the more subtle and powerful aspects of the system or if you require modifications of the postures for any reason.  Through a regular Mysore practice, we learn to listen, respond and cultivate a genuine understanding of our selves, which serves us in yoga and in real life.  A minimum commitment of 3 days a week is recommended (can be a combination of Mysore and group led classes ) Please contact Amy for more information or drop-in.

Led Half Primary Series: These classes are suitable for beginners with previous yoga experience, as well as anyone with an existing Ashtanga practice. Students will be guided through half of the poses in the Primary Series, given some general instruction and will become familiar with Sanskrit Vinyasa count.

Led Full Primary Series: Full Led primary class is an important compliment to a regular Mysore practice.  It’s an opportunity to ensure that each vinyasa is being learned and practiced correctly. Furthermore, surrendering to the teacher’s count and pacing, is an opportunity to increase both our internal and external strength, and our relationship with the traditional lineage. Some experience/familiarity with vinyasa and the sequence recommended.

Ashtanga for Beginners: This beginners class includes an introduction to the Ashtanga method. Participants will be guided through the initial sequence of poses in a manner suitable for all ages and levels of physical fitness. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Inspired Flow: Our Flow classes are rooted in the Ashtanga “Tristhana” system of breath and movement (Vinyasa), focused attention (Drishti) and subtle energy centers (Badhas). These classes offer a variation of the sequence, giving students the opportunity to explore Primary and Second Series postures in a fun and accessible group class.

Restorative/Yin: This gentle practice is an opportunity to unwind, get a gentle stretch, and recover sore muscles. The focus of this class is to bring your attention to the present moment by focusing on the breath and sensations in your body. We will utilize mostly passive asanas for deep relaxation, stress relief, and increased mobility. Whether you are new to yoga, need a rest, or are recovering this is the place for you to calm down and zen out.

Kids Yoga: Monterey Yoga has partnered with local School Districts and offers Yoga to elementary aged kids throughout Monterey County. We also offer Group classes seasonally and private sessions for individuals and groups year-round. Please contact us to discuss classes at your school or organization or set up a group class.

Kids Capoeira: This class introduces kids and youth to Capoeira, a mixture of Brazilian Martial Arts, dance, and music. It is played as a game while students learn about Brazilian culture and history while increasing their flexibility, strength, balance and coordination. Classes are dynamic and joyful with upbeat Brazilian music accompanying movements. Capoeira encourages artistic expression with “freeplay sessions” in which kids “play” Capoiera  with each other using both choreographed sequences and their own improvised movements. Please contact Gui at Capoeira Monterey for more information and pricing: capoeiraquati@gmail.com or 831.818-4811.